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  Message From: Anjin-SanJul 02, 2014 Minimize

UPDATE! I have to go to Denver and won't be back until the 16th. If you order anything, please realize that I won't be able to get it shipped until I return, so please be patient.

I really must apologize for not getting something out sooner. Unfortunately, I have had to take a job to meet the additional obligations I acquired when I had to closed the actual storefront down. Some things you just have to learn the hard way and one thing I learned was I should have set up in Seattle and not in Parkland just because it was closer to the house. Well, live and learn. For those of you who continue to support the website, believe me, it is fully appreciated. As I said, I now work at the local Wal-Mart in Spanaway.

On to the heart of the subject and the reason I am writing this newsletter. I have decided it is time to completely close out and get on with being a normal retired person again. To do so I need to get rid of all of the items I have in my storehouse/shipping point so I can quit paying rent on it. In that light I will be lowering the prices on everything I still have in stock to make it more affordable and hopefully more attractive to you.

On a side note, I found that MAC is no longer in business and as I have no other source for it, when the last title is out there won't be any more of them available as an import version which will only leave the domestic versions of the titles available at domestic costs. Sad to see them go, they actually produced a decent Import version of many titles.

So, keep an eye on the site and you'll notice that all of the prices will be dropping on all of the items and as I said, when they're gone, they're gone. I will keep this going until everything is gone or the end of December whichever comes first. At that time will just either donate everything remaining to a local charity or library or in some cases just have to trash it.

One last item. If anyone out there would like to become Animeniacs, I would be open to a reasonable buyout. The purchase would include the website, the domain name and any remaining stock at the time of purchase as well as my support in helping you become knowledgable about the software which also includes a Point of sale as well as a website.

- 'What the mind of man can invent, the mind of man can circumvent.' - Triplanetary by E. E. 'Doc' Smith

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