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  Message From: Anjin-SanMar 09, 2012 Minimize

Things are starting to move faster now that we are getting closer to a hard earned vacation for a week. It really is amazing how time seems to just speed up the closer you get to something. It feels like only yesterday we were still 3 months away and now it is only 5 days.

I know that I said I wasn't going to bring anything new into the store or on the site until we had shut down but FX just put out some really nice titles and I couldn't resist making them available, especially since they were originally put out on their own discs and only in the native language with subs. As some one one said, the list is not long but the titles are distinguished:

ED218: IP Man Movie Collection (1 disc, 3 movies dub/sub)

ED219: Ong Bak Movie Collection (1 disc, 3 movies dub/sub)

3401: Borrower Arrietty (1 disc dub/sub)

ED190R: Death Note Movie Collection (1 Disc dub/sub)

3208: Rosario+Vampire Season 1 (1 disc dub/sub, same cover art)

3209: Rosario+Vampire Season 2 (1 disc dub/sub, same cover art)

As you can see by the titles, they are all terrific bargains as well as just good watching. I am sure you will also notice that they are at regular price because of them being new arrivals I really don't feel they should be part of the sale just yet.

Last thing before I go back to working is that we will be establishing a drop dead date for the store while we're gone and we'll let you all know just as soon as we get back. The cart will be active while we're gone but items won't ship until we return.

First Come, First Served!!

- 'What the mind of man can invent, the mind of man can circumvent.' - Triplanetary by E. E. 'Doc' Smith

  Message From: Anjin-SanMar 16, 2012 Minimize

We will be closed from 2:00 PM on the 16th and will reopen on the 26th of March at our normal time. The Website is available but orders will not ship until the 26th when we return from Vacation.

- 'What the mind of man can invent, the mind of man can circumvent.' - Triplanetary by E. E. 'Doc' Smith

  Message From: Anjin-SanMar 26, 2012 Minimize

It is really good to be back from Florida. Nothing like spending a week with a 2 1/2 year old Granddaughter to make one appreciate the more peaceful times in life such as coming to work. Not to be meant as a bad thing just as an energetic handful with way to much on her side instead of mine. It is really sad when you have to come back to work to get some rest.

As I said in our last news letter, we have finally come to an agreement on when to actually close the doors for good here in the store. The last day we will be open to the public physically will be the 30th of June. After that we will be in full on-line only mode. The amount of items offered will be limited to those which are quickly accessable and require little or no in-house storage. Mostly we will be dealing with Dvds, both domestic and imported and we will be trying to increase our offering of Blu-ray products as well. Until we are certain it can be done the only other items we will be handling will be collectables and action figures as we have an arrangement for storage and shipping with Amazon through our account with them. The good news about that is our on-line prices will be the same either on site or through them.

One new item to add. The final Chapter of the Inu Yasha Saga is now available in a Dubbed version. It is a three disc boxset with the final 26 episodes of the series tying it all together.

Last but I am sure not least to most of you is the final mark down of the liquidation. All books and Manga will be marked down to 20% below our cost and inported DVds will be marked down to $3.00 per disc. This will be the last mark down as I will also be arranging for some alternate buyers here in the area and up north.

And So It Begins!

- 'What the mind of man can invent, the mind of man can circumvent.' - Triplanetary by E. E. 'Doc' Smith

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