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  Message From: Anjin-SanNov 17, 2012 Minimize

Tis the Season, Indeed. We are getting closer to the holidays day by day and now would be a good time to stock up on some of those gifts that donít cost an arm and a leg. Manga on the site is still priced at $2.99 for the regular and $5.99 for the oversized and Omnibus editions making the one of the best buys on the net at the time. Combine that with out flat rate shipping fees and you can stock up for less without the hassles.

The surgery on the 6th of November actually went very well and without any complications so far. I got back home on the 11th of November and have been taking my meals through a straw and will be on a liquid diet for at least the next week and a half. I shouldnít complain too much as I have lost 18 pounds in 10 days without too much remorse over meals missed and I know also that I will be able to eat solid food again and eventually anything I ate before just not as much.

I want to thank all of you who went ahead and placed an order while I was laid up. I am back in the store and should have the orders out by tomorrow. I have a couple of items that had to be ordered back in but they are due here this afternoon.

Now, here come the Grinch stories for this holiday. I suddenly have two large COD orders coming in and I donít have enough to cover them. To try and make it easy to get things rolling I will be reducing the price of the Manga to $2.50 and $5.50 effective immediately. That gives everybody out there a Christmas shopping break and you donít even have to wait until Black Friday for the bargains. Next, because I have a month to month lease the Landlord can ask me to leave with 30 days notice. His agent has entered into discussions with a potential client and it looks like I may be out of here and displaced by a Medical Marijuana shop. If this is going to happen, it would sure help to have to move less product or worst case scenario, trash it.

Anyway, thanks for the ear to hear the whining. Just in case anyone just would like to lend a hand I will have the donate button up and running. Like they say in those other commercials, youíd be amazed what just a dollar can do.

Have a happy start to the Season!!

- 'What the mind of man can invent, the mind of man can circumvent.' - Triplanetary by E. E. 'Doc' Smith

  Message From: Anjin-SanNov 28, 2012 Minimize

Well, we didn't quit make the two large CODs but I want to thank all of you who took advantage of the reduced prices. It did help a lot and so I figure that I'll let the prices stand through the weekend and not revert them until Monday. This should make a great opportunity to pick up some gifts on the down low and save a pocket full of change.

Here's to having a really good holiday season and an even better next year.

- 'What the mind of man can invent, the mind of man can circumvent.' - Triplanetary by E. E. 'Doc' Smith

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