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  Message From: Anjin-SanNov 03, 2011 Minimize

First, let us say thank you for the great replies to our last newsletter.

An important change is going to take place starting tomorrow with the introduction of the Used media sections under the bargain bin. As one person pointed out to us, we were missing a large section of what is happening today by not offering the used Anime, Manga and such on-line as well as here in the store. We've been taking Used Domestic Anime and Manga in trade for the last two plus years but we've only done it in the store and we've only offered them for resale here in the store as well. Starting tomorrow, we will be introducing 4 new sub-catagories under the Bargain Bin. They will be the Used Domestic Anime Section, Used Import Anime Section, Used Manga Section and introducing the Used VHS Tape section for those of you who might still have a player and are looking for the older tapes. Until there is something in a catagory it doesn't show on the website so if you don't see some of the four sections it is only because we don't have anything to show in them yet.

Along with this we will be taking Used Items in trade in the store as store credit against purchases of new items or other used items. Currently, we will be giving $1.00 per disc credit on Domestic Anime and $.50 credit for Manga and Imported Anime. There are a couple of simple rules to the trades. All discs must be playable with minimal scratches and be in their original case. The case can show some normal wear but can't be dirty or cracked epecially with smudgy fingerprints and leftover snack residue. Trade in Manga should also be in reasonable condition without messy smudges or writing on any of the pages or covers. Covers cannot be torn or ripped. Again, normal wear from handling and reading is acceptable. Tapes must be in their original case or slipsleeve and cannot have any signs of damage to the tape or the case other than normal playing wear. They must play correctly without lines or streaks in the picture.

Now, those of you who are not in the Parkland/Spanaway area of Washington State are probably saying "So What" about now but we intend to make this apply to you as well. We'll take in the items in trade and we'll send you back one of our Animeniacs Gift cards with a balance for whatever you send in to trade. When you get ready to make a purchase you simply choose the Cashier's check/Money order/Cash payment option to complete the order. This places it in a pending status and we pull the items and place them on the holding shelf. You then return the card with a note giving your order number and we'll apply the card to it here in the store. If the purchase exceeds the card merely tell us how you wish to pay the difference. You can put in the difference in cash or give us number to call you and we'll take your credit card information over the phone. We'd prefer it if you didn't put that in the mail.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and stay tuned for a few other changes that were recommended in the replies.

- 'What the mind of man can invent, the mind of man can circumvent.' - Triplanetary by E. E. 'Doc' Smith

  Message From: Anjin-SanNov 20, 2011 Minimize

They call the First day after Thanksgiving Black Friday but for us to paraphrase the DC Comics series our "Blackest Friday" will be today, November 18, 2011. That is the day that the numbers finally said there was no way to keep the physical store open with the continuing hard times taking its toll on sales. The outgo to creditors and debts on credit cards now exceeds any income that we have seen in the last three months and when the last bank statement said the outgo was double the income it was time to surrender to the inevitable. I am not sure there will be any way to keep the web site functioning either with the possible exception of the Funimation direct ship program which can be operated with little to no overhead.

I will be taking a break for Thanksgiving starting next Tuesday. I will be out of town in Denver visiting my Son and his family including the Granddaughter. This will give me time to relax and also to do some planning and get some insight from my son who is better than me at this sort of thing. Seems I should have taken his advice and sold the store in Denver rather than try to move it out here to Washington. Sure didn't anticipate the recession that hit in October of 2008. Anyone get the license number of that truck? Well, I rode that dying pony right into the ground and just wasted all of my assets, my savings and my credit for nothing. Cie La Vie!

As soon as I get back the 10-5-2 pricing will be a thing of the past and we will look to put everything in a sale mode. I seem to recall saying earlier this year that if I ever used the term "SALE" again in one of these letters it would be preceeded by the word "LIQUIDATION". So, there it is, it will be the beginning of the final "LIQUIDATION SALE" for ANIMEniacs, INC as a physical brick and mortar you can visit. We will remain open through the holidays as it wouldn't be right to jump ship ahead of them. It could also be the end of the online store as well but that will be dependent on a lot of things in the near future. I haven't decided exactly how I will be going about shutting this thing down but I can tell you there will be no new incoming products with the exception of The funimation Direct ship titles. Everything else will be on a first come first served basis and I will probably donate or pawn anything that doesn't. Hard Product stores just can't seem to compete with the instant downloading of Netflix or Amazon so the time has come to bow to the trends of the future and let it go. I am sure that if you really want a hard copy there will be some place to find them.

We will probably keep our hand in with our sales of figures on line and on Amazon so look for us there when you want to find that special figure from your favorite show or just something for someone's birthday or a Holiday.

- 'What the mind of man can invent, the mind of man can circumvent.' - Triplanetary by E. E. 'Doc' Smith

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