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  Message From: CashanNov 02, 2004 Minimize

Dear Customers,

Sorry that I have been absent for a few months now. While I have been present, most of my work has been background stuff such as managing the growing inventory and doing stock work and in general being a fly on the wall to give HaVoK a chance to be a manager and Anjin a chance to do his thing without my hands in everything. This seems to have not worked well so I'll be taking a much more active hand in all aspects of the store again not just the behind the scenes stuff. As part of this.. I have asked in the General Discussion forums for input on what I can fix to both apologize and bring back any customers that my absence has lost. As mentioned in that post if you wish to bring it straight to me w/o the whole world knowing then my email of "" is available and all input is welcome. Expect to see more HK Titles as I'll be taking a much more active role in what new stock comes in through our new supplier since Anjin is not as widely knowledgable about titles he's been shying away from ordering new ones. I'll be fixing that with helping him out there. We never lost our roots.. but a left turn at Albuquerque is almost entirely my fault.

Joseph Henderson

- Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, Where have I gone wrong? Then a voice says to me, This is going to take more than one night. - Charlie Brown

  Message From: CashanNov 03, 2004 Minimize

Site Problems Persist

We are currently aware of the laggy use of the site and the intermitent down times that have plagued it all day and are still present at the time of me writing this. As ANIMEniacs is on a shared server we suffer when another site has problems. According to our host, another site is the target of spam and DOS attacks and it's killing the server. We apologize for the inconvience this has passed along to you all in the mean time. =(

- Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, Where have I gone wrong? Then a voice says to me, This is going to take more than one night. - Charlie Brown

  Message From: DarkcellNov 04, 2004 Minimize

No Image Available
Just in time for the haunted holiday season comes Texhnolyze, one monster of a series! Think you’ve seen it all already? Think nothing can shock you? Then I challenge you to try Texhnolyze on for size and see how good you really are. I think even the Eva fans out there will be howling at the moon by the time vol.1 Uniteis finished. I am still waking up in the night in a cold sweat trying to make the intense images stop! But in a good way. Check out my review and screenshots to see if Texhnolyze is something you might want to sink your teeth into. Blah! (sorry couldn’t resist) Whatever you do don’t fall asleep…before ordering Texhnolyze that is. I know I know,sorry….. ‘Nuf said!Darkcell


  Message From: Anjin-SanNov 05, 2004 Minimize

Just a quick update, so we can avoid a lot of confusion and emails. For the next couple of weeks, we will be trying to work out the bugs and issues with the new inventory system we've had installed.

Its intended purpose was to eliminate or at least minimize backorders and orders holding on items that weren't in stock. Unfortunately, there are always small glitches in any new system. Look at the baggage system at DIA when they were installing it.

To help get control of the numbers and purge the issues, you may find your order getting an item refunded immediately. This is so we can adjust the numbers and not hold up anyone's orders. This keeps you from having to wait and assists us and our programmer in tracking down the issues. This doesn't mean you won't ever see the item, just that due to the glitching, it really shouldn't have been available to be put in a cart.

Thanks for sustaining support and hopefully, sooner or later, we'll get something for everyone.

- For one to fret about the end of the universe, one must be immortal. If you are immortal, what do you have to worry about?

  Message From: CashanNov 18, 2004 Minimize

New Items

Be aware that when I add items to the site that quite often they are lump adds of 30 - 40 items at a time. Do to the generous constructive criticism of the website recently we are seeing the error in the "only 15 new items on the main page" as it does not represent the massive amounts of new stuff that I will add to the site at any one time. Be aware that there is a "New Items" link just over those 15 though that will give you a list chronologically of everything added to the site within the last 14 days.

Other News (The Meat and Potatoes)

Since I promised to get back to you all on the feedback here is just a short list of some of things that we took away from the Q/A forum post.

  • 1. Customer Service Unapproachable - Namely that the customer service of the site has become a) a tad unfriendly b) are viewed as mean spirited fun killing ogres of the nethwerworld (hey.. we're trying for B but high standards are not always attainable) and c) that our response time is not considered optimal. My Response - There is some merit to these concerns and they have been voiced to Anjin (the dad figure) and HaVoK (the store manager type figure) and both have agreed to try and curtail any hostility in emails that they send out. I have personally reviewd about a week or so of their emails and just in my experience with Anjin going on 23 years of my life at this point, he's calmed down tremendously compared to his biting sarcasm of a year ago bordering on disdain for humanity. As always though, between opening and closing on a given business day PLEASE feel free to call to get a more immediate solution to any problem you might be having.

  • 2. Website Design (Namely Hostile / Unfriendly Front Page) - VARIOUS AND CONSISTANT feedback reviewing the main page as being a) unfriendly b) way way too static (have had this input from both my supplier and our customers recently) and c) not efficiently transferring relevant information (namely new items / updates) to you.. the customers. MY RESPONSE - I have pondered this and given input from Psygnius of our forums (Moderator) and a few others.. we are looking at bringing back the old update format. This format for the front page was considered to be beneficial to you guys for two reason: 1) It forced myself or a staff member to write a post such as this MUCH more often giving you guys a bit of a look at our day to day lives and the inner goings on of the store and thus imparting the image that we are not the soulless megacorp that we one day hope to be; 2) Items showed up much better as a list of links with headers sorting them into their relative family of media for quick perusal and it kept those links for more than a few minutes on the main page unlike the current system.

  • 3. HK Roots - No matter how many times I have stated to the contrary that we are not pulling away from our HK heritage, no more I find myself defending our store from the slings and arrows to this direction. The general census is that we do not stock very much if any HK anymore and that the is being taken over by R1s. MY RESPONSE Due to supplier issues with MI / AV starting about February / April when both were the targets of major crackdowns on the HK side of the ocean, we've been struggling to supply these titles reliably and failed miserably. It's only recently that our ability to grab these items is finally coming back and a review of our recently added items will attest to this much. Part of the "OMG where are the HKs!!11!" mentality, I blame on the main page as pointed out in Part 2.. where if the item is not readily visible it becomes an "out of site, out of mind issue". We are looking into getting in a LOT more MAC titles over the next month or so to flesh out the "Perfect" side of the house and to better server those customers who allowed us to get where we are.

  • 4. Gift Certificates - While this one was not mentioned as an issue it was mentioned again as between two different programmers that we have gone through, this seems to have fallen through the cracks each time and become a "vaporware" per se as far as it seeing the light of day. MY RESPONSE - Look forward to this hopefully within the next two weeks as Wangfoo is working feverishly on getting this implemented (if only to get inu-sama to quit poking him about it on the forums every three months like clockwork)

  • 5. "Cashan's MIA" - This seemed to be a real concern to some people because I represented the hard-charging jarhead tatooed anime watching "He's just like the rest of us" guy that ran the shop. With my self-made reallocation to managing the inventory / shelves which takes about 4 - 5 hours a day my physical / verbal (damn, can I talk) / perceived presence in the store dropped to almost nothing as my role became very "fly on the wall." This seemed to bug many of the regulars as the image of ANIMEniacs as a soulless machine was not one they felt comfortable shopping with, not that I blame them. So things like this post and me keeping a more active presence both in store and on web are on my goals list for bringing you guys back the store that seems to have stumbled somewhere about 4 - 5 months ago and that was not fair to you guys.

    There are more items but I think this gives a real summary of what I felt were the BIGGEST concerns that were raised about the site both in the forums and in a few private emails that reached my box, all of which I read at least twice. If you feel that I have missed something.. or would like to see another issue of the site addressed in a future update such as this.. the email is still

    - Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, Where have I gone wrong? Then a voice says to me, This is going to take more than one night. - Charlie Brown

  •   Message From: PolanatorNov 23, 2004 Minimize

    No Image Available
    Hello everyone once again! I will try to keep this brief, but I feel I owe everyone an apology. A few months ago, I had posted saying that a review of Wild Striker Part 1 was on its way. Since then it appeared as if I had vanished. For that I am sorry.

    I have come to ask for forgiveness and I hae brought a present for all: a review of Macross Zero Volume 1. I have seen that the site has added all five episodes on one disc, but if you are hesistant about this OVA, read my review of the first episode. For those newbies to the Macross world much like myself, this is a great story to begin with. And it's even a prequel to the main story, so it's a win-win for us! I have also included screenshots and I hope everyone enjoys.

    One last thing to add is that over thanksgiving break, I will finally put up a review for Wild Striker Part 1. If anyone ever has any requests to a series they would like reviewed or has any comments they would like to share, email me at: Bye for now!

    - "When the bird humans appear again...a song of destruction will echo into the world." - Sara Nome[Macross Zero]

      Message From: PolanatorNov 28, 2004 Minimize

    No Image Available
    I know I promised this in September, but I hope you're still ready for some fútbol (hehe, I still find it funny). The review and screenshots for Wild Striker Part 1: Episodes 1-24 is finally up! I found the first part of the show entertaining and while a little above average at best, it is still worth a watch! It is an enjoyable and heart-warming tale of sibling rivalry, learning to work as a team, and a whole lot of soccer! Read the [very long] review, check out the anime, and get that feel good feeling. You know you want it! Oh, did I say the review is a tad bit long? Well, I warned ya! Enjoy!

    - "When the bird humans appear again...a song of destruction will echo into the world." - Sara Nome

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