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What are the first name of the Takahashi brothers ?

A.Kesuke and Ryosuke
B.Kesuke and Takumi
C.Takumi and Itsuki
D.Takumi and Iketani
E.Ryosuke and Natsuki
F.Ryosuke and Saiyuki
Kesuke and Ryosuke

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  Message From: Anjin-SanSep 12, 2017 Minimize

We will be out of the loop for the next 10 days as I attend my 50th Year High School Reunion in California. I am leaving the site open for orders but please be aware that the orders will not ship out until the 23rd of September. Also, be aware that I have only one or two copies left of most titles and when they are gone I won't be replacing them. See you all in 10 days.


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