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The name of the female wolf god who takes care of San is...


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 New Items for (10/18/2017)

   Import Anime DVDs
    - Saikano: Another Love song (OVA)

 New Items for (10/15/2017)

   Domestic Manga
    - Saving Life TPB 1

   Import Anime DVDs
    - Macross: Do You Remember Love? Perfect Edition Plus CD

   Yaoi Manga
    - Lie To Me TPB Vol 1

 New Items for (10/11/2017)

   Domestic Manga
    - Taro and the Carnival of Doom

 New Items for (11/22/2015)

    - Tekken Nina Williams Bishoujo Statue

 New Items for (10/14/2015)

    - Marvel Wasp Bishoujo Statue

 New Items for (12/10/2014)

   Import Live Action DVDs
    - Masked Prosecutor

 New Items for (08/31/2014)

   Import Anime DVDs
    - Attack on Titan TV (1 - 25) + CDs

   Import Live Action DVDs
    - Ace Attorney
    - Ranma 1/2 the Movie

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