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Anime Trivia
Fist of the North Star (Anime)

How do people reconize Kenshiro

A.His hair color
B.The seven scars on his cheast
C.his clothes
D.his crossed shaped scar on his face and red hair
E.his techniques
F.his loud battle cry
The seven scars on his cheast

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  10, 20 and 30 TPB 1 [NCO]   

Our Price: $1.99
(MSRP: $9.99)

Yuhrin is a clumsy, scatterbrained widow in her 30s whose teenaged daughter, Kangae, is forced to take care of her. Ami is Kangae's jaded, twenty-something cousin suffering from a messy breakup with her boyfriend. The president of Yuhrin's company has proposed, and she is posed to become a married woman once again, but Kangae, who dreads the thought of growing up and its attendant responsibilities, hates men and is sure to complicate matters.

Additional Information
Languages: English

Author: Morim Kang

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