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Anime Trivia
Ranma --Random Rhapsody (Anime)

What did Akane write on her leg cast?

A."I love Ranma"
B."I hate Ranma"
C."Stupid Ranma"
D."Where are you Ranma?"
"Stupid Ranma"

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  Jinki : Extend TPB 3 [ADV]   

Our Price: $4.99
(MSRP: $9.99)

Trouble mounts when Akao, Ryohei, and Mel find themselves unable to defeat a troublesome Jinki. But when Lui and Satsuki show up, the victory appears to go to team Angel. A sigh of relief turns into a gasp of terror when their assailant releases an unexpected and invasive surprise attack that may turn the tide of the battle. Later, back at the base, mysteries ensue as a strange old man casts a spell that leaves Ryohei grasping for words!

Additional Information
Languages: English

Author: Sirou Tunasima

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