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Anime Trivia
Gunbuster: Aim For the Top! (Anime)

Which J-Pop Idol Sang the Opening and Ending Songs for the first four episodes of Gunbuster?

A.Namie Amuro
B.Ayumi Hamasaki
C.Makoto Kawamoto
D.Noriko Sakai
E.Ami Suzuki
Noriko Sakai

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  Hello Kitty Holiday Mini Plush Assortment [SAN]   

Our Price: $9.99
(MSRP: $14.99)

Sanrio's beloved mascot Hello Kitty is ready to brighten cold winter nights and spread some Christmas cheer with the Hello Kitty Holiday Mini Plushes! Decorated for the holiday season, Hello Kitty comes in Red & Pink, wearing a Santa Hat, or dressed as a Candy Cane. Each plush stands 3" tall and is perfect for holiday hugs!

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