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Ai Yori Aoshi Perfect TV (1 - 24)
Aoi was raised her whole life to be the wife of one man. Then one day, he walked away from his family, and she was told to forget all about him. Aoi didn't accept this, and with only a picture of him and an address, she came to look for him. On the train, she met a kind young man named Kaoru who had never had a girlfriend, who was instantly attracted to her. But everything starts to change for both of them when Kaoru sees the picture Aoi is carrying...

There are three discs, and they come in a gatefold package. It's covered in very nice, colorful pictures of Aoi, but it's a little blurry. There's also a lace and flower motif, which is a little unusual for a shonen romance package, but it actually pulls the package together quite nicely.

The video was exceptional. It was actually some of the clearest video I've seen in a long time. It helps that it's a newer show, so the colors are still bright and vibrant, but the transfer quality is just outstanding. Even when I get right up to the screen, I didn't see any problems with it. It's actually one of the only DVDs I own that looks just as good on my laptop at 1200x1600 as it does on my TV.

The audio is just as good as the video, really crisp and clear. The English audio is actually a little louder than the Japanese, but you can really only tell if you switch back and forth during the credits. Something interesting is that the English dub uses most of the Japanese honorifics in some cases, but not others. Kaoru calls Aoi "Aoi-chan" in the English dub, but Miyabi calls Kaoru "Sir Kaoru" instead of Kaoru-dono. I normally don't comment any anything but the sound quality itself, but this really stood out to me for some reason, probably because the subtitles retain almost all of the original honorifics.

I didn't notice a single error in the subtitles. It was a good translation, perfectly timed, well edited and proof-read.

Chapter Breaks:
There are five chapter breaks in every episode. Which is spot-on with what I look for, so I think it's very good.

This is one of the newer magical girlfriend shows. Unlike earlier shows, like Urusei Yatsura, Aoi doesn't have an special powers. Instead she has a "magical personality." Basically, she's a doormat who only thinks about Kaoru. In a way, it's kind of disturbing, she only exists to be "moe." Luckily, Kaoru is such a nice guy he'd never take advantage of her good nature. And it is interesting to see her contrasted with the other lively characters in the show. While it worked for this show, I'm glad it hasn't become a real trend in what I've seen in the newer shows.

And if you hadn't guessed, there aren't any special features.

Despite the fact that I don't care for Aoi, this really is a good show. The other characters have rich personalities that hold the show together, and Kaoru is so nice it's really hard not to like him. The show is funny and sweet, and a change of pace from typical romance shows, as it doesn't get bogged down in melodrama and angst, but stays bright and cheery.

Publisher: FX
Discs: 3
Episodes: 24
Price: $15.00

Reviewer: Nozomu
Reviewed On: 05/13/2006

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