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Cute Honey
Cutie Honey is perhaps one of the most controversial anime series in history. To this day pop historians will argue over if it was a serious attempt to entertain young girls, or if it was the wet dream of a drity old man. Whatever it was, it brought the appeal of tokusatsu to an audience of young girls, and created the genre dubbed "Mahou Shoujo."

This movie, written and directed by Hideaki Anno brings Honey back to her tokusatsu roots, thanks to the stellar performance of the beautiful Eriko Sato. In it, Honey fights the Panther Claw, an evil organization responsible for the death of her father and now the abduction of her uncle. Honey is helped on her way by reporter Seiji Hayami and Policewoman Natsuko Aki, played by the also talented and also beautiful Mikako Ichikawa.

This disc comes in a standard Amaray-style case. Mine was kind of flimsy and developed a crack after being opened roughly half a dozen times. I wouldn't hold that against it too much, as these things cost somewhere around 50 cents to replace and are all different, so your mileage may vary. As for the package itself, it's mostly pink and has a very large picture of the ravishing Eriko Sato. It also has the logo, which is very retro and colorful, and adds to the charm of the movie. Also, I should mention that IS an "i" in the logo, even if it's partially obscured.

The video is great. I didn't notice any distortions or pixelations, even during the most action-packed sequences.

I can't speak for the dolby 5.1 soundtrack, but the 2-channel stereo was as clear as a bell. Not a single pop, whistle or wheeze on the soundtrack. And the filmed opened to the classic Cutie Honey theme to boot.

I counted about half a dozen minor typographical errors and one line dropped from the subtitles. Other than that, the subtitles were spot-on.

Chapter Breaks:
There are ten chapter breaks covering a 90 minute movie. This is hard to call, because it should be plenty, but I usually prefer a chapter break every 5-6 minutes. I'd say just below average, or good with room for improvement.

Not a special feature to be found, but that's okay, because I wanted to talk about the movie a little more. What makes this movie work is that it's campy. But not just kind of campy in an Adam West Batman kind of way. The movie revels in camp, and uses a combination of CGI, stop-motion and traditional animation to achieve a campy 70's look that's old and cheap-looking while at the same time looking modern and polished. It's really a triumph of directing, and it's helped by solid performances out of all the actors who are both serious and irreverent.

I used to think Hideaki Anno was over-rated. Then Neon Genesis Evangelion came out and I thought he was a crazy, talentless hack who's gift for dialogue was only slightly better than George Lucas. His recent movie work, however, has been outstanding. He got great performances out of all the lead actors, and the movie wouldn't have been any good if it wasn't for his guidance and insight into modern Japanese kogal culture to play off Honey's disguises. Anno really struck gold with this one, and it's well worth watching.

Publisher: EZD
Discs: 1
Episodes: Movie
Price: $4.00

Reviewer: Nozomu
Reviewed On: 06/27/2005

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This is not two minutes into the movie. Thank God for fanservice.

Hey, Honey found a shirt... almost. I really like this costume, though.

Honey with Natsuko Aki. Honey is a little over-eager.

The opening seqquence is animated. This would have made good anime... good thing they made one after the movie.

America has baseball, Japan has drunken karaoke.

What a shock, Tokyo Tower in a magical girl movie.

If you're blue and you don't know where to go to... you know the rest.

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