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Ultraman Cosmos Vol 8 (57 - 60)
(Item No Longer Available

   The final fight between Ultraman Cosmos and Chaos Header is about to begin! With only four episodes remaining, the fate of the entire universe is at stake. And, as Cosmos’ powers begin to weaken, will Musashi be able to summon up the courage of a hero to restore the strength of the mighty fallen warrior? The countdown begins now!

Front: AV is going back to the beginning with Musashi and Ultraman Cosmos “Luna” mode making up the front of the case. Notice that evil demon looking monster? That is the embodiment of all that is Chaos Header. Below Ultraman is the same English text that has been on all the other volumes. It reads:

   “When the COSMO PUCK flashes, Musashi Haruno turns into ULTRAMAN COSMOS. Now do you know that everything will change when you follow your dreams? This is a story of ULTRAMAN COSMOS and Musashi Haruno, who aspires to become a true hero.”

Outer Spine: The outer spine has a purple background color that wraps around the entire case. As always, the title of the series (in Japanese) is written vertically down the spine, with the volume number beneath it, and a smaller picture of Ultraman (that was on the front) below that.

Back: The summary for volume 8 is written at the top right of the back case. If you take a look at the back, you’ll notice a lot of different screenshots that are from the four episodes on this disc. However, there is one on the left side that does not belong. As for the others, they are of Musashi, Cosmos, Fubuki, Ayano, Chaos Header, and one that I am not going to spoil.

Disc: The label on the disc is actually a shrunken down picture of the one on the front of the case. It shows the top half of Ultraman, Musashi, and the Chaos Header king.

   For the final volume, there was nothing new added. The video was still presented in 4:3 fullscreen ratio and the episodes were still clear, with just a dash of pixilation. Thankfully, the four episodes did not have any video glitches or distortions that were visible to the eye.

   Just like the video, Mr. Audio had nothing wrong with it. The 2.0ch Dolby Digital came through the speakers just fine with no irregularities.

   I have a question for those loyal Ultraman followers: Did you have any problems understanding the story on volumes 1-7? If you answered “no”, then this volume will not be any different. If you answered “yes”, then how did you make it this far? Oh that’s right! The plot is so simplistic that it is easy to follow. Hahahaha.
   But seriously, the yellow font/black border HK subtitles were no different on these four episodes than they were on the past 56 episodes. The opening/closing credits and episode previews were always subtitled. Finally, while the grammar may be lacking, and at some points the sentences may be a little on the Engrish side, I promise you that this series was still easy to follow and you would understand what the actors are saying. With that, I bid adieu to the subtitles for Ultraman Cosmos.

Chapter Breaks:
      Volume 8 had 4 episodes with a total of 11 breaks. The way each episode was divided amongst the breaks were:

   1) The beginning of the episode (before the opening credits)
   2) The title menu (right after the opening credits)
   3) The episode preview (right after the closing credits)

   Please note that since episode 60 was the last episode in the series, there were only the first two breaks in it.

   Please be advised that while there were some changes made to volume 8, the majority of the layout is the same. That is why this section will look very similar to my previous ones!
   As the DVD loads (it takes 0:05s), the main menu and its options fade onto the screen almost immediately. All of the options are in Japanese, but since you have seen this page in my previous reviews, I felt it was a waste to post one again. Also on the main menu the 1st closing theme song is playing in the background (for 0:29s) while Ultraman Cosmos “Luna” and “Corona” just stay motionless in the center. The four available options are:

Play All

   The chapter menu is made up of 1 page (4 episodes in total). There is a screenshot of Ultraman Cosmos “Eclipse” mode to the right of the chapter titles. The episode titles are written in Japanese, but at least you can read the numbers and know which episode you would like to watch. The 1st closing theme song is playing in the background for 0:29s before starting over again.
   Once again there are extras, but they are the same as the ones on the previous disc (with just different content in them). The menu has the closing theme song playing for 0:29s before starting over again, a picture of Ultraman Cosmos “Luna” mode, and the following options:

1) Textless opening and ending credits [5 breaks with a running time of 06m25s]
   There was only one textless opening and four textless ending credits in this bonus feature. The four ending credits were from episodes 57-60. I recommend watching the ending credits for episode 60 again since this time there will be no text in the way. It was a nice montage of some of the major scenes from the series, accompanied by the 1st closing theme song.

2) Episode previews [4 episode previews with a running time of 0:59s]
   The 4 previews were the ones for episode 57-60.

3) Production art and sketches
   There are a total of 7 production art/sketches that focus on the villains and creatures from the 4 episodes on this disc. Who is that mysterious gold glowing creature? All will be revealed by the end of the series.

4) Behind the scenes [1 special with a running time of 11m03s]
   The day was April 10, 2002, better known as the last day of filming. Feelings of joy mixed with sadness filled the air as the actors of the latest Ultraman show finished their 60 episode run. The thing that made this behind the scenes so emotional were the speeches everyone gave and the tears that were running down several cast members’ faces. Even though this was not subtitled, their facial expressions and the tones of their voices said it all. If you were only planning on watching one of these specials, make it the one on volume 8. It really gave closure to the show in such a touching way.

   The subtitle menu is the only menu to be completely written in English. Your two choices are Chinese or English.

   While the majority of the series had been a whole lot of one episode stories, this volume and volume 7 really brought it together. It all began with the monster carrying the cells to defeat Chaos Header, and ending with a battle that tested the willpower and courage of not only Ultraman, but Musashi as well.
   My one big compliment to the series was how they answered the big question of Chaos Header’s purpose. Up till the last two episodes, I still had no real idea of what Chaos Header was all about. Then, when an unexpected realization occurred throughout the members of Team EYES, it made the story and characters feel more tangible. I know it is hard to get serious about a guy dressed in spandex and fighting rubber monsters, but it was more than that. Ultraman Cosmos was the light of hope that, while exhausted to the point of powerless, never flickered in his quest to save the universe.
   As for me, this was my first Ultraman series I have ever watched. It might have been a mistake to compare this to Sentai or Masked Rider series, but I do not regret watching it. This genre of superhero fighting definitely has a different pace and feel to it, but one that is welcomed. Earlier today I was thinking if I would recommend this series or even watch it again. My response to that: I do and I would. There’s a good story here and is backed by quirky characters, monsters, friendships, hardships, teamwork, and an overall positive message. Plus, it’s not everyday a person can scream “COSMOS” and grows over 50 feet tall!

Email me at if you have any problems, concerns, or comments.

Publisher: AV
Discs: 1
Episodes: 4
Price: $9.00

Reviewer: Polanator
Reviewed On: 06/19/2005
Click on Image for Full Size

All of Chaos Header has come together to finish off Ultraman Cosmos once and for all! The final showdown is about to begin!

All that is Chaos Header has merged to create the king of Chaos Header. This monster alone will bring about the new era.

Of course, there is still one that stands in the way of evil: ULTRAMAN COSMOS!!!


It looks like celebrities were only the first step. Now the monsters are on hidden camera. Gosh I love this show.

Lt. Junya is the man. He may not be Ultraman, but he does mean business. Look at the size of his bazooka.

Team EYES and the JADF working together? The world must really be in danger this time.

The final episodes were very emotional.

YATTA! Thank you for watching Ultraman Cosmos. It's been fun!

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