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Ultraman Cosmos Vol 6 (39 - 47)
(Item No Longer Available

   Volume 6 is what I like to call the return of old characters in new situations. Almost every one of the 9 episodes on this disc had a returning villain or character. It was almost as if the director had planned this new batch of episodes to have a common theme to them. Well, the good news is that there is finally a face put on Chaos Header, in the form of a horned monster. He doesn’t fight, yet he does make threats….oooh!
   While things may look tough for Musashi at times, he does have his EYES teammates as well as some unlikely allies. Now just add some Doigaki humor and Fubuki coolness and you have got Ultraman Cosmos Volume 6: Episodes 39-47.

Front: What’s blue, silver, and doesn’t talk? Why, Ultraman Cosmos “Luna” mode. That’s him right there on the front of the case. Around him are some various villains (and his loyal robot) from the episodes on this disc. Below Ultraman is the same English text that has been on all the other volumes. It reads:

   “When the COSMO PUCK flashes, Musashi Haruno turns into ULTRAMAN COSMOS. Now do you know that everything will change when you follow your dreams? This is a story of ULTRAMAN COSMOS and Musashi Haruno, who aspires to become a true hero.”

Outer Spine: The outer spine has a red background with the title of the series (in Japanese) written vertically down the spine. Below the volume number is the same Ultraman that was on the front (just a wee bit smaller).

Back: Much like the previous volumes, there is summary written in Japanese at the top right, and a collage of scenes from the episodes on this disc comprising the back of the case. The cast and staff credits are at the bottom left (in Japanese) and the DVD specs are below all of that. Thankfully, the pictures all match up to the episodes on this disc…not like volume 5. Stupid volume 5.

Disc: The label on the disc is actually a shrunken down picture of the one on the front of the case. It shows the top half of Ultraman, his loyal robot, the Ohrangers (hehe), and the cute dog villain.

   Again, there is not much different than the previous volumes. All the episodes were presented in 4:3 fullscreen ratio and looked clear on my TV. There was some slight pixelation, but nothing that would take away from your Ultraman fun factor. However, there was one video glitch (which makes volume 6 very unique). On episode 46 at 03h09m10s, the middle of the screen (going horizontally) is distorted for a split second. The way to picture this is to think of a thin bar which extends from the left side of the screen all the way to right. I can’t wait to see what surprises await us on volume 7!

   Go ahead. Guess what audio was available on this disc. I’ll give you a few seconds so you can look at the reviews for the other volumes. Heck, I’ll even take a quick nap. Alright fine, it was Japanese audio 2.0ch Dolby Digital. Was it that hard? But what you didn’t know is that episode 42 begins the new ending theme song. In my opinion, I preferred the first one over the new one. Why change a good song over halfway through the series? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

   There was no change to the presentation of the subtitles. Those HK yellow font/black border subtitles are back along with some Engrish. Get ready to be a little confused, while still perfectly understanding what is going on. The quality of the subtitles really has not improved, but the names of the major players in the series are for the most part spelled correctly. It is the monsters that the names are misspelled.
   For instance, episode 45 had a friendly alien called “Mugera”. So how was her name spelled? “Megura”. I know, shocking!
   Finally, all of the opening/closing credits and episode previews were subtitled, but the bonus content in the extras menu was not. Boohoo.

Chapter Breaks:
      Volume 6 had 9 episodes with a total of 27 breaks. The way each episode was divided amongst the breaks were:

   1) The beginning of the episode (before the opening credits)
   2) The title menu (right after the opening credits)
   3) The episode preview (right after the closing credits)

   Please be advised that while there were some changes made to volume 5, the majority of the layout is the same. That is why this section will look very similar to my previous ones!
   As the DVD loads (it takes 0:05s), the main menu and its options fade onto the screen almost immediately. All of the options are in Japanese, but since you have seen this page in my previous reviews, I felt it was a waste to post one again. Also on the main menu the opening theme song is playing in the background (for 0:29s) while Ultraman Cosmos “Luna” and “Corona” just stay motionless in the center. The four available options are:

Play All

   The chapter menu is made up of 2 pages (5 episodes on the first page and 4 episodes on the second). There is a different shot of Ultraman Cosmos “Eclipse” mode on each page. The episode title is written in Japanese, but at least you can read the numbers and know which episode you would like to watch.
   Once again there are extras, but they are the same as the ones on the previous disc (with just different content in them):

1) Textless opening and ending credits [5 breaks with a running time of 06m25s]
   There was only one textless opening and four textless ending credits in this bonus feature. The four ending credits were taken from episodes 41-44.

2) Episode previews [8 episode previews with a running time of 02m]
   The 8 episode previews were for 41-48. They got it right this time! Yeehaw!

3) Production art and sketches
   There are a total of 17 production art/sketches that focus on the villains and creatures from the 9 episodes on this disc. This is still one of my favorite bonus features. I love the transition from paper to screen.

4) Behind the scenes [2 breaks with a running time of 17m32s]
    Get ready for even more behind the scenes! There are again 2 specials (#1 focuses on episodes 41-44 and #2 looks at episodes 45-48), but be wary of watching the end of the second one. It contains some behind the scenes for episode 48. It has a familiar villain, but which one? Get volume 7…or just watch the last few minutes of the 2nd special. Your choice.

   The subtitle menu is the only menu to be completely written in English. Your two choices are Chinese or English.

   Why does this series feel like it is dragging, yet strangely entertaining at the same time? At times I feel bored because I’ve seen all this before, yet they throw slight twists that just make you want to watch this to the end. My one wish for this series is they should make a spoof where Doigaki is Ultraman. Think about that and I will see you all next volume!

Email me at if you have any problems, concerns, or comments.

Publisher: AV
Discs: 1
Episodes: 9
Price: $9.00

Reviewer: Polanator
Reviewed On: 06/09/2005
Click on Image for Full Size

It is finally here! Ultraman Cosmos vs. Ultraman Cosmos "Chaos Header" mode. Only one will walk away today.

Would you believe that this snugly bugly boo cute character is the enemy? I mean, look at his puppy dog eyes! Awww......

But we am sure that this is not correct grammar. Oh you Engrish, will you never learn!

Here we have a shot of all the Team EYES members. From left to right: Fubuki, Ayano, Cpt. Hiura, Musashi, Shinobu, and Doigaki.

If this isn't quality acting, then I guess I don't know acting. Do you think Fubuki is looking away because he is trying hard not to laugh?


The best part of this show has to be Cosmos' finishing moves.

It is moments like these that make me love the show all over again.

See kids. They are just acting. There is no mean man chasing after a green skinned girl. They are called "actors".

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