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Bleach Vol 1 (1 - 8)
(Item No Longer Available

No this isn't about some young guy trying to be the best dry cleaner of all time. But wait....does that mean you were interested when you thought it was? This may be a sighn you've been watching too much anime. Anyway, this series (while not about clorox) is superb! I had been reading the manga before it came out and I was worried. Most times the anime is really disappointing after reading the manga. They cut key things, and cast bad voice actors nothing is ever done right. Not the case here though! I enjoyed the anime as much as the manga. It even managed to make some of the ongoing jokes a lot funnier seeing them played out in real time. The voice acting was also top notch. So now that your interested here's the deal. In a nutshell, a young boy named Ichigo has been highly sensitive to the supernatural since he was small. Now a teenager he can see and even communictae with the dead. (Yes, he sees dead people get it out of your system) In order to gain peace from the spirits constantly seeking his aid he has decided to help them if he is able. But what happens when he begins to interfere in things no human could ever understand, and what is the price for such intrusion?

The front cover of Bleach vol. 1 shows Ichigo in his "death" robes leaning on the hilt of his sword. Ruika is behind him in white looking into the distance. The mysterious black butterfly is floating just over his head. The back cover showsa headshot of Ichigo as well as several thumbnails from the episodes on this disc.

The video quality on this disc was without flaw. Everything came across as bright and clear as you'd expect from a commercial release. This show is really cool in the way it uses different lighting to seperate the spirit world from the real world. If the images weren't clear it would be a big problem. No need to worry here. This is a very good copy.

No option to adjust the sound can be found on this disc. It was recorded in stereo though so you still get a great sound quality throughout.

The subtitles here were good. The larger yellow lettering was used so they are easy to read. At times the pacing was tough because a character had a lot to say so part of it may fly by, but not very often. The spelling is good, and the grammar for the most part is as well. The only problems I found were: #1 hollows are called shapeless #2 Often people are refered to by last name when the first is being used #3 Kon is called spirit the translation of his name #4 the soul society is called soul city #5 reapers are refered to as death. Other than these small oversites and a few cases of literal translating, no one should have any real problem watching and understanding this series.

Chapter Breaks:
There are 7 chapter breaks on this disc. They come at the opening theme for each episode.

This disc contained episodes 1-8 of the series. There are no extras on this disc. The main menu contains the option to play all episodes, Chapter selection, and subtitle selection.

Bleach is truly a work of art. It has comedy, a killer plot, and some of the funniest humor I've seen in a series in a while. The way the characters interact and are drawn into the story is masterful. The animation is bright and fluid. Not to mention this is one of the trendiest shows I've seen since Beck and Cowboy Beebop. In every episode some new type of fashion or real world device is being used. It really helps to add some realism to this world where spirits attack at random. I can't imagine anyone not liking this series. It has enough humor, warmth, and story to hold even the most fickle fans attention. Don't believe me? I dare you to order it and prove me wrong!! Any questions, comments, or picture requests feel free to contact me.

Publisher: MAC
Discs: 1
Episodes: 8
Price: $8.00

Reviewer: Darkcell
Reviewed On: 06/08/2005
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daddy spinning kick!

they look dysfunctional but there's love

hollow aka shapeless

Time for a smackdown!


Chad the strong silent type

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