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Vision of Escaflowne Movie: Perfect Edition
(Item No Longer Available

Kanzaki Hitomi is much like any other high school student. She runs track, suffers from extreme depression, and ends up on an alien planet after a failed suicide attempt. Okay, perhaps not that normal. Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaia is a retelling of the Escaflowne TV series. Fans of the series will either love it or hate it, as it has a number of fundamental differences with the TV series. Kawamoru hasn't disowned, though, which means at the very least, no matter how you feel, it's better than Macross 2.

A standard, clear Amaray-style case holds this disc. The bonus part? A reversible insert with two different covers. It's like those Kenshin OVAs, but when you open the case, it doesn't have that lame Samurai X dub inside. I prefer the darker cover with just Van and Hitomi, but the watercolor painting of the whole cast on a white background is nice as well.

The video was just... beautiful. The dvd quality was crystal clear and the colors were bright and vibrant. That's definitely a bonus, because the artwork for the movie is very high quality, and the character designs are beautiful.

The audio comes in four flavors: English, two kinds of Japanese, and Music Only. Or so the menu says... Track three, one of the Japanese audio tracks, doesn't actually have any sound, so don't use that one. The other three audio tracks are all flawless, though, so have fun with those.

I didn't spot a single error in the subtitles. Which is not to say there aren't any, just that I didn't notice them. So it's likely that if there are any mistakes, you won't see them, because I didn't.

Chapter Breaks:
Lots of chapters here. Twenty, in fact, for a movie that's not even 2 hours long. Plus a really cool scene select screen with the moving images of the scenes. I love those, personally. But back to the point, this is really well done, and I wish more DVDs has this many chapters.

This disc is completely free of special features. It's actually part of a four-disc set containing the TV series and the movie. So this disc is identical to the movie disc in that set. And if you want some special features... they're on the TV discs.

The most striking thing about the movie to me was the quality of the Character designs. While I enjoyed the movie itself, I couldn't shake the fact that it doesn't really tell the story any better than it was told in the TV series. Judging the movie solely on the movie, however, it is very well-executed, visually stunning, and well worth watching.

Publisher: FX
Discs: 1
Episodes: Movie
Price: $7.00

Reviewer: Nozomu
Reviewed On: 05/30/2005
Click on Image for Full Size

Not a great shot, but that's not his neck between his head and his body. Yay violence!

Man, Movie Hitomi is so much better looking than TV Hitomi... and especially manga Hitomi.

Allen in black leather... If I was a woman, that would be all the reason I would need to pick this up.

But being a guy, Merle is reason enough to pick this up.

Dilandu is the best villian ever. Other than the Joker, how many villians can you pick out by their twisted, evil smile?

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