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Wild Striker TV Box 2 (25 - 48)
(Item No Longer Available

   Welcome back to a new soccer season at Jyoyo Akanegaoka High. After the defeat to Kokuryou at the inter-school finals, Kyosuke and the rest of the men’s team have been training to bring victory to their school. Now, it is a new semester and the boys are ready to play. Their goals: To defeat Kokuryou and make it to the National Tournament.
   This next batch of episodes will show new matches, new relationships, and new adventures. If Jyoyo can make it to the finals, they will have to face the 3 time defending champions, Tenryu High (also the school that Kanou Seisuke was captain on).
   As the games progress, so does the months. There will come a time when the seniors will graduate and new blood will be introduced. Such is the case for 3 new freshman: Kiba Yuuya (nicknamed, “nest head” by Kyosuke), Muroi Tomoya, and Shinkawa Mushiko. Will the new addition of teammates improve Jyoyo’s chances, or is Yuuya so caught up in outdoing Kyosuke that it looks like there will be matches on and off the field?
   So grab a seat, have your favorite foam finger ready, and get ready to scream, “GO JYOYO!” in Wild Striker Part 2: Episodes 25-48.

   A quick glance at the box set will let you know that this is designed very similar to part 1. The 3-DVD gatefold case uses the same colors, font, and types of pictures as the previous set. So without further adieu, here is the layout:

Front: In the very middle of the picture, we have Kanou Kyosuke (our Wild Striker) kicking a soccer ball in the middle of a packed stadium. Above him are two upper body shots of, from left-to-right: Kanou Seisuke and Coach Murakami. Below Kyosuke are the words “Hungry Heart” written in Japanese, and “Wild Striker” written in English. Finally, there is an orange soccer ball at the bottom left with “Part-2” written in it.
Outer Spine: At the very top of the spine is a portion (and shrunken down of course) of the picture on the front. It shows Kyosuke and Murakami. Poor Seisuke is cut out from this shot. Below him is the same text that was on the front, as well as the same orange soccer ball that was at the bottom left.
Back: Big disappointment here! Aside from the four new screenshots (which are actually shots from episodes in the first box set) at the right, all of the big bold text as well as the story synopsis, is the exact same that was written on the back of the first box set. In the DVD specs, they did list the correct episode numbers. I don’t see why they couldn’t have spruced this up a bit and changed the format. A little change never hurt anybody…
Flaps: As you open the set, there are the left and right flaps. Both flaps contain the same text that was on the front of the case, and each one has different pictures. The outer left flap shows a determined Kyosuke (with flames behind him), Tsujiwaki Miki, and the school nutritionist Kaori Doumoto. The outer right flap once again shows Kyosuke, Miki, and Gunther (he’s from the later episodes of part 1).
   When you open up the left flap, there is the same setup of eight pictures (four on top and four on bottom) that was in the first box set, but at least the pictures are different this time. However, only 2-3 of them are actually from the episodes pertaining to this box set.
Discs: Behind the left flap is disc number four. Just like in the past, the pictures behind the discs are original artwork from the creator of the manga, Yoichi Takahashi. This one shows Kyosuke (no surprise) kicking a soccer ball. The label on the disc just shows a smaller version of the picture that was behind it.
   Disc five and six can be found by lifting up the right flap. Behind disc five is artwork of Kyosuke, Sakai, and Rodorigo. On the label, there is only Kyosuke and Sakai (Rodorigo apparently isn’t important enough). Finally, an artwork of Kyosuke and Miki can be seen by lifting up disc six, or just by looking at the label.

   Thankfully, this is one aspect of the episodes that I didn’t want to change from the first set…AND IT DIDN’T! All of the episodes were DVD quality and no problems were evident throughout any of the discs. And, just like last time, these episodes were presented in full screen format.

   Again, also perfect. The only option was 2.0ch, but the sound was right on the money. One complaint I do have is on episode 43. For some unknown reason, they decide to start playing a new introduction with a new opening song. All I can say is, WHY?! The new song isn’t bad, but the one that was being used for the past 42 episodes was great! Plus, if this new one is so much better, why hasn’t it played during an episode at very important scenes? Huh????

   If there had to be one bad thing about the episodes, this would be it. I feel that whoever was subtitling just got lazier and lazier as the series progressed. All of the same problems that were present in the first batch of episodes make its return once again. Almost every name was misspelled, and you can take a look at some of the mistakes below:

Correct = Incorrect
Father = master
Fujikawa High = Tomikawa Tech
Itikawa = Ishikawa/Ishi
Kamata = Watanabe
Kanou = John/Eguchi
Kokuryou = Kourin
Natsumi = Jinki
Noriko = Danko
Okabe = Gunny
Ryosei = Rikusei
Sakayo = Shogun
Shimisu = Misu
Tenjin = Tenryu
Yamanomori = Wild Striker

   By the time you get to episode 25, you will have known all of the major character names anyway. The biggest goof I saw as on episode 33 (disc 5) and continued to the end of the disc. A lot of the names were being referred to as “Eguchi”, and this continued for Kanou even on disc 4.
   There were a lot of instances where the end of one sentence would not be displayed till the next set of subtitles appeared on the screen. Also, there were quite a number of times where some of the dialogue was not even being subtitled. Again, never anything too important, but it got annoying when you wanted to know what was being said.
   In terms of the subtitles, if you are watching on a TV, they do appear a little on the small side, but nothing too minute. They are once again written in the white font/black border and all of the punctuation is used correctly. But, there is some Engrish, so just keep your eyes open.
   The opening and closing credits were never subtitled, and all but one episode preview was subtitled (that would be episode 30).
   Finally, there are some cases where I was a little confused as to what was being said, but this did not happen often. Still, with a little more time and effort, this could have been such a better box set if not for the average subtitles.

Chapter Breaks:
   Here we go: Disc 4 [8 episodes: 24 chapters], disc 5 [8 episodes: 28 chapters], and disc 6[8 episodes: 24 chapters]. So how were the episodes divided? For the majority of them, it is as follows:

1) Opening Credits
2) Beginning of Episode
3) Closing credits

   As for disc 4, the textless ending and opening credits (in that order) play after episode 26 and before 27. If that wasn’t enough for you, there is another set of textless opening and closing credits (in that order now), play after episode 30 and before 31. For this disc, they do not have their own chapter breaks.
   But wait Jon, if there are 3 breaks per episode, why does disc 5 have 28 chapters? The reason is because episode 37 had 4 breaks, instead of the normal 3. This extra break comes just a few minutes after the beginning of the episode (and it is in the middle of a scene). The extra 3 breaks are the textless opening, textless ending (new one), and textless ending (old one) that are after the last episode on the disc.
   The only problem I saw with disc 6 is chapter break #7. This is the opening credits break for episode 43, but it begins a few seconds into the song. Chapter break #6, which is the closing credits for episode 42, has the first few seconds of the opening credits for episode 43. You’ll understand when you see it!

   The main menu is the very first thing you will see as soon as discs 5 and 6 load. If you are watching disc 4, then you will be treated to a :07s Manga logo screen first. The menu is plain, boring, and the same for all three discs. There is an original artwork in the background, and these options:

Play All
Chinese Subtitles - this is selectable right on the main menu.
English Subtitles - this is selectable right on the main menu.

   When you go the chapter menu, there is a picture in the background as well as a list of the episodes on the disc. Their episode number and title (in Japanese) is displayed.
   Wondering about the bonus features? If you call textless opening and closing credits extra features, then woohoo!!! This little goodie is available on the fourth and fifth disc, either by choosing it in the chapters menu (it is below the last episode listed on the disc) or just by watching the DVDs. When do they play? Read the next section.

   If you enjoyed the first 24 episodes, then Wild Striker Part 2: Episodes 25-48 will not disappoint. There are a lot more matches to be played, rivalries to be challenged, and friendships to be born. There are a few new characters that come later in the series, as some old ones depart. The show moves forward through the school years and it is amazing to see how much the main stars have grown since coming to Jyoyo.
   The video and audio quality is still top notch, with only the subtitles deteriorating little by little as the series progressed. It never gets to the point of utter hatred and confusion, but it could have been a lot better!
   And where are the last four episodes of the series?! Sadly, they are not included in part 2. The good news is that there is an individual volume of Wild Striker that you can purchase, that has episodes 49-52 (the final match!). I will talk to the management and see if they can order the volume for those few fans (and I know there are some out there), who wish to see the conclusion of this darn good entertaining series.

Email me at if you have any problems, concerns, or comments.

Publisher: MAC
Discs: 3
Episodes: 24
Price: $15.00

Reviewer: Polanator
Reviewed On: 01/11/2005
Click on Image for Full Size

The main menu just shows the options and some artwork in the background.

Similar to the previous volume, the chapter menu has a listing of the episodes, showing the number and name for each one.

A lot has changed since Kyosuke and Rodorigo first butted heads. This incredible duo is one of the main reasons that Jyoyo has been undefeated!

A ball got by Sakai?! Uh oh, spaghetti-o!

You know, if you add the right kind of music, we could call this series: Wild Striker: The Musical.

Whether it be on the ground....

...or in the air, Kagami Yuki (captain of the Tenryu High team), will be one of Kyosuke's hardest opponents ever!

A lot has changed (and improved) in a year, including the Jyoyo Girl's Soccer Team! Go Miki!

Hooligans or the new soccer players for Jyoyo? But it looks like their leader is missing. Where could he be?

Why there he is! Kiba Yuuya! For a guy who swears up and down that he loathes Kyosuke, this must be the weirdest way to say "I HATE YOU"!

Does the new season also bring new feelings?

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