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Fushigi Yuugi (Manga)

Fushig Yuugi is published under                 Comics.


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Yu Yu Hakusho Perfect TV Bundle (1 - 78)
(Item No Longer Available

Yu Yu Hakusho, is an older show that has garnered some attention recently due to its airings on Cartoon Network. If you saw it there and liked it, youíll want to pick this set up to see it again because you missed a lot that wasnít shown on TV. If youíve never seen Yu Yu Hakusho, but have seen Flame of Recca and loved it, then this is definitely the series for you! And if you havenít seen either, all I can say is: Whatís the matter with you!

Each set has the typical, but beautiful, 3 disc foldout case. This is something I have come to love about FX releases. The outer box of each set depicts the main characters of the series striking a pose. The inside panes each feature beautiful artwork and character portraits. The discs are held in by the typical foldout clasps that are strong and sturdy.

Sets 1 and 2 have the typical HK issues. During fast paced scenes, pixilation occurs. It really isnít bad with the first two sets, however the 1st disc of the 3rd set looks like it might have been rushed out of the factory a little too fast. It is still watchable by any means, but that doesnít mean we have to like it!

Excellent! There is nothing to complain about with any of the 3 sets. Everything is in sync. Volume levels are correct throughout. The Japanese audio was 5.1 channel and the English was in 2 channel. The volume is proper for both tracks and the clarity is on par with what you would expect from a professional release.

The subtitles are typical for an FX release, clear and easy to read. There are two separate caption tracks with this release. First, are the dubtitles and second, the subtitles. So you can either watch it with the Americanized chop job, or you can watch it the way the dialogue was originally intended. Your choice! Arenít choices great?

Chapter Breaks:
Each episode is split into the following:
Part A
Part B
Each chapter can be accessed through the menu or via remote.

78 episodes (Partial series).

There is so much that happens throughout the series, all I can really give you is a look at the best part of it all, the four main characters, enjoy:

The stubborn, bad-mouthed, disrespectful, but extremely loyal and powerful Yusuke; the weaker one, Kuwabara, who has an honor code that allows him to never let down his friends and never to sheath his sword once it is drawn; Kurama, the demon posing as a well-manored human who would do anything for his human mother; and Hiei, a short, fast-as-anything, arrogant, self-centered, looks-down-on-everyone type of guy/demon, until you earn his loyalty and respect.

Overall Yu Yu Hakusho is highly recommended! If you like fast pace, boot in your face action, then this is the series for you. There are 110 total episodes in the series, 78 provided in these setsÖ donít forget to pick up the 4th set when released by FX!

Publisher: FX
Discs: 9
Episodes: 78
Price: $72.00

Reviewer: Gumai
Reviewed On: 12/20/2004

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Cute, no?

We all wish we could do that!

I must have been reviewing the XXX version of Yu Yu.

Dirtier by the secondÖ

Yea, we rock!

I give up! No more, please!

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