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Naruto Box 1 (1 - 25)
(Item No Longer Available

     A long time ago in the village of Konoha, a nine tail fox demon appeared. One fierce battle and many lives later, the ninjas of the village were able to seal the demon inside of a young baby boy. Now, many years later, that boy (Uzumaki Naruto) has been training in the art of ninjitsu in order to eventually become Hokage (the most respected and most powerful ninja). Unfortunately for Naruto, there is a strong hatred for him because of what he carries inside.
   Follow Naruto as he begins his journey to be the best and most respected ninja! Along with him are his partners: Haruno Sakura (who is obsessed with Sasuke, even though Naruto likes her and Sasuke ignores her), Uchiha Sasuke (the last of his clan and eternal rival to Naruto), and their sensei Hatake Kakashi (he’s always late, but his Sharingan attacks will leave you speechless).
   Naruto part 1 is just the beginning of a long adventure for Naruto and friends. With adversaries like Zabuza and Haku, fellow ninjas (wait until you meet Gaara and Rock Lee), as well as their own teammates, these genin (lower) class warriors will learn what it is like to travel the hard road in life and to learn the meaning of teamwork!

   The first three volumes came in a standard gatefold case. On the front, there is an action pose shot of Naruto (in the middle), Sakura (to the left of him), Sasuke (to the right of him), and their sensei Kakashi (in the very back). At the top left of the front case, “PART 1” is written on a scroll. Below the group shot, the title of the series is written in English and below that in Japanese. There is Japanese text in the bottom left, but I am unfamiliar with the characters.
   The picture of Naruto that was on the front is at the top of the spine. Below him is the title of the show in English and Japanese. The back of the case has a story synopsis, staff, and cast information, but it is all in Japanese. To the left of that is once again the title of the show in both languages and below that is a different action group shot of the three main ninja’s of the show (Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke). Towards the bottom right are four miniature pictures. The top one is of Kakashi, directly below that is one of Sasuke, and the final two below that are of Naruto and Sasuke again.
   From here on out, every single flap will include the title of the show in both languages. As you open up the case, the left flap has another group shot of the three ninjas, but the flap on the right has Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi. As you open up the left flap, you will see a picture of Narutos (yes it is plural because he used the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, or Shadow divided technique). Right next to the flap is the first disc. The picture behind the disc is of team seven (the group Naruto is in). The picture on the label of the first disc is the middle portion of the picture.
   As you open the right flap, you will see discs two and three. The picture behind discs two and three are the same pictures as the cover for the AV releases of volume two and three, respectfully. Again, the image on the label of the disc is the middle portion of the picture behind it.
   All in all, it was a very nicely done gatefold case and it had a lot of good group and action shots.

         First off, the video was presented in full screen format. From the clues I gathered, it seems that AV used TV sources for the episodes. Some of these clues include: at the beginning of most of the episodes, there was a warning in Japanese about sitting far away from the TV and having enough light in the room. At the beginning of episode twelve, the letters “AT-X” appeared at the top left of the screen. I have seen this with other animes that have used a TV source. Finally, on episode twenty-three, there is text that flashes onto the screen that says (in Japanese), "At Approximately 6:39 PM There was an earthquake measuring more than a 3 on the (Japanese) quake scale". Thank you Bernard for letting me know what the text meant!
   In terms of glitches, there were a few instances where there were abnormalities with the video. The first one I noticed occurred on episode six at 02h05m49s (look at the screenshot on the right). This quickly goes away and I did not see this happen since. On episode twenty-one, at 01h34m59s, little lines appear towards the top of the screen, but they disappear and remain gone after a few seconds.
   The opening, closing, and episode previews were all left intact for each episode. However, for episode twenty-five, there was no episode preview after the closing credits.
   Overall, I was quite pleased with the video quality. It is important to have clear quality during fast paced scenes, and in other cases with TV rips, there have been pixilation. With Naruto part 1, I did not notice this at all. If this was indeed ripped off of the TV, AV got a good source!

   The soundtrack was just, wow! The first opening theme song (which is for all twenty-five episodes) is very 80s style. From the background music to the battle themes, this was one knarly score. I did not hear any irregularities while viewing the episodes. Everything came through the speakers just fine. I listened to the episodes through 2.0ch Dolby Digital and there was not an option to change this on any one of the three dvds.

   The subtitles are not horrible, but they could use quite a bit of work. The most frequent problems were the constant lack of punctuation marks as well as switching of letters in words (ex. “test” would be written as “text”). For the most part, the names and techniques were spelled correctly, but as the series progressed, I started to notice more misspellings of these. And if you have ever read my reviews before, you know I will include a list at the end of this section. Another problem that happened very few times was the insertion of random characters at the end of a sentence. The ones I saw were: “@”, “<”, and “~”. Again, this happened very rarely, but they did stand out.
   The opening and episode previews for all twenty-five episodes were subtitled, but the closing song was not. The ending theme was sung in English, so this may be one reason for the no subtitles. Then again, I have seen English language songs that were subtitled. There were some scenes where they did not subtitle some of the dialogue of a character. I did not notice this frequently, but there were some scenes when they subtitled the dialogue, but only the first part. The way they covered it up is by having the dialogue they did subtitle remain on the screen for a little bit longer. I was satisfied with the subtitles because the dialogue was still easy to follow and it seems that they translated correctly. There are a lot of important moments and I’m glad the subtitles did not ruin this.
   Now on to the list and I even put it in alphabetical order:

Correct = Incorrect
Chakra = Chakula
Copy = clone
Harem-art = Seraglio Art - The Harem-art is when Naruto mixes the Shado divided art and the seduction technique.
Haku = Shiro/Honshu
Hatake Kakashi = Kageki Kakashi
Gaara = Aira
Gai = Kai
Gatou = Kado
Giichi = Giki
Hinata = Hinako
Hyuuga = Hinako
Inari = Yunari
Kaiza = Kaisa
Moegi Moni
Momochi Zabuza = Touda Zaibuzan/Zabuzan
Rock Lee = Lerock/Leerock
Sasuke = Sasuka
Sharingan = Rome/Ringan
Tazuna = Dazina/Tatsuna
Uzumaki = Uzumaku

Chapter Breaks:
   One chapter per episode! I would have settled for just two chapter breaks, but no, we only get one. The chapter begins at each episode, so you have to fast forward if you want to get to a later part. A lot of the dvd programs on the computer will resume the episode where you last left off, but for those watching on the TV, you are out-o-luck!

    The episode count per disc is as follows: Disc one had eight episodes [1-8], disc two had eight episodes [9-16], and disc three had nine episodes [17-25].
   The menus for all three dvds were basically the same, except for the pictures on each page changing. The main menu pops up as soon as you put the dvd in the player. The volume number as well as the title of the show (in Japanese and English) is displayed also. I would just like to note that the title of the show will also be displayed on every other page. A section of the closing theme song will be playing in the background and then loop back to the beginning after 0:28s (only on disc one). On discs two and three, the opening theme song is playing in the background for the same amount of time. There are three options to choose on the main page:


   The CHAPTERS menu also has the ending theme song (disc one) or the opening theme song (discs two and three) playing for 0:29s before looping back to the beginning of it. The number of the episode is in English and Japanese, but the episode title is in Japanese. There are two pages for the episodes, each one showing half of them. The option to go back to the main menu is on both of the pages.
   The SUBTITLES menu gives you the option of Chinese, English, or Off. The options are written in English and Chinese. There is no music playing in the background.
   This was an average menu format with no bonus features to select and nothing fancy about it. They had some nice background screenshots, but it was nothing special.

    Naruto is an unbelievable, amazing story of one boy’s dream to be the best. And of course there will be plenty of ninja goodness action! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Naruto part 1! This is an anime you will not want to miss out on. While the subtitles could use a bit of sprucing up, they are far better than some of the other HK ones I have seen.
   The action and techniques are just jaw-dropping and spectacular as well as the storyline. I guarantee you there will be at least one episode where tears will start to form. I know I was on the verge of crying, but I do not want to give anything else away. And there will be a lot of times when you will scream for more as you see the episode end and the closing credits begin. That happened to me so many times as I got really into this show. This show is worth the time and money and do not be left out of this instant classic of ninjitsu, friendship, and ramen!

Email me at if you have any problems, concerns, or comments.

Publisher: AV
Discs: 3
Episodes: 25
Price: $30.00

Reviewer: Polanator
Reviewed On: 05/22/2004
Click on Image for Full Size

The main menu is set up identical on all three discs, with only the background pictures changing. This is a nice and simple layout.

Again, the chapter menu has a good layout to it. I think little boxes with clips of each episode would have been a nice touch to this set.

The subtitle menu gives the options in English and Chinese.

I see Kabuto is worried about the earthquake that has taken place in Japan. (That is what the message says).

Looks a little freaky, but it flashes on and off the screen in a matter of seconds. Still catches the eye though.

Looks like someone could use a hug.

Even when it comes to eating, Naruto has to be better at it then Sasuke. That or they are having one mean game of a staring contest.

Sakura's inner self is one mean cookie. Her hidden feelings really add humor to the series.

You know, if you straightened out the sword, and gave Zabuza spikey hair, we could call him Cloud!!!!

Have I mentioned yet how awesome Kakashi is??? Just look at him block Zabuza's attack. And wait till you see what his Sharingan can do!

Gaara. Nuff said.

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