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Ikkitousen : Strength of a Thousand (1 - 13)
(Item No Longer Available

Never has there been a bizarre attempt to mix high flying martial arts with the extreme mix of ecchi that comes extremely close to being a martial arts/hentai flick. Close, but not there yet. Sonsaju Hakufu is out to prove that she can best any other fighter in the Nanyou Academy, as being nick named Junior Lord of the Lords. But she isnít ready yet. To get there she has to go through the extreme to train herself in body and spirit, going up against other classmates like the sexy but dangerous Ryomou Shimei one of the top 4 fighters at the Nanyou school.

Taken interest from the tale of "Romancing the 3 Kingdoms." Seven high schools forces Rakuyou High, Nanyou Academy, Kyosa Academy, Youshu Campus, Yoshu Academy, Seitou Campus, Ryoshu High fight to prove their strength to the world.

Under the watchful eye of Hakufuís cousin, Syuku Koukin, they have to be able to fight their way up to the top to try to stop a conspiracy from broiling. There is something in Hakufuís eyes something dark and something that is just waiting to come out.

Definitely a beautiful looking cover,thatís pretty much what drew me to get this title. On the front is Hakufu and Shimei, standing side by side, while Hakufu looking jolly and happy as she usually is, and Shimei, in her tight sexy maid uniform, canít help to notice the similarities to Kill Billís California Mountain Snake. Both of the girls on the cover are blown up to bigger size while the title of the screen is printed rather small at the bottom right hand side. Flip it over and there isnít much to see here. There are no images or screen shots just a small summery of the series in a box with the faces of four different main characters that is on each point of the story box. Sadly everything here is in Japanese. Once the case is open you see two green dragons on either side of the sleeve just before you open it further to reveal the disks. Flip it open and on your left is a picture of the madatamas, which each fighter on the show wears.

This is a 3 disk DVD set, unlike the AV version which has only 2 DVDís. On each disk is a colorful pictures of different characters throughout the series. The first disk shows Hakufu, Shimei, Koukin, and Saji Genpou, another member of the top 4 of Nanyou Highschool. The second and third disk just mainly show Hakufu and Shimei. On one this they are both dressed up very sexy like, as Shemei wearing a traditional Chinese dress and Hakufu in a white dress with red roses. While the third disk shows them both in the cloths they use when fighting. Of course Shimei in her maidís uniform and Hakufu in her school uniform. All three disk match perfectly with the background of the case holders. All in all makes for a beautiful looking disk set.

SCORE:5( out of 5) I really dig this set, it looks very good! Much better then the AV disk set!

Both the video and the animation was top of the line. There was only two instances of a small glitch, where I would see a small thin line at the top of the screen that would appear only for a second. But if you blink you will miss it. Not exactly sure where this video was ripped but there was a minor problem,the AT-X sign popping itís ugly head every now and then I believe I saw it at least once every 3 episodes. Its not that big of a deal. I also want to mention, at the start of a few scenes, it would switch to wide screen, but only for a minutes or so, just to show that itís a dramatic scene.

SCORE:5( out of 5) Video and animation is great, J.C Staff has done it again bringing a beautiful piece of work. You wonít be disappointed.

All the sounds of the swift kicks, and punches can be heard crystal clear. I had no problem at all with the audio, so there isn't too much to comment on.

SCORE:4(out of 5)I found myself humming the intro song in the shower the other day. Uck. It's hideously poppy. Still, it may find a place in my hard drive if this continues.

I was pretty impressed with the subtitles on this set. They weren't bad at all. Only a few minor problems with timing being off, sometimes a character would be talking but the words would catch up a bit later. There was very few grammar and spelling mistakes. And the lettering was displayed in bold white letters, so they are very easy to read and easy on the eyes.

SCORE:4(out of 5) I liked the subtitles here, far from perfect, but the best I've seen in awhile.

Chapter Breaks:
All 13 episodes are spread out over 3 disk. Each disk contains 4 episodes each, except for the 3rd disk which has 5. Each episode is broken up into 2 parts which splits halfway through the episode. The menu and screen selection sections were all done with English text, which is good, as well as a small clip of each episode so viewers can see and pick the part they want. The first two disk contained 4 episodes each while the last disk has 5.

Ikkitousen follows Sonsaku Hakufu, a ditzy girl destined to be the greatest fighter in, erm, the area. There are many instances of ecchi, but the series is actually quite enjoyable. Hakufu is just so funny and naive. Koukin, her bodyguard is always protective of her yet keeps his distance from Hakufu (her mother keeps pushing him into "situations" with Hakufu). The fight scenes were very fun to watch, gives you that Rival School's feel to it. The fan service appears at the most unexpected times and so frequently that it's funny.

EXTRAS *cries* nothing here at all!!! Maybe the AV version might have some?

DevilmanLady's ThoughtsThis Anime is like Romancing the 3 Kingdoms meets Battle Royale on the way to the playboy mansion. Now before you get any delusions of an epic tale (which this actually is) I should warn you that 60% of the series is pure fanservice. Yes thats right it is 60% fanservice 30% story and 10% wanna-be hentai... But with this show thatís not a bad thing.

Ikkitousen is somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me. It's not the greatest, and has a very weak plot, and worse, ecchiness abounds. Still, as a fluff anime it's a lot of fun to watch. Hunting down the Romance of the Three Kingdoms references and cross referencing the saga in your head with the anime is a lot of fun too. I must say one thing... this is the most hentai non-hentai anime Iíve ever seen in my life. Yes, there's full frontal nudity (minus nipples), full back-side nudity, guy feels girl's breasts, girl masturbates another girl, lesbianism, sex. If nipples were drawn it, it would be considered a hentai. For now I consider it Super-Crazy-Insane-Unbelievable-Tremendous Fanservice. If you like ecchi (I certainly do), then this anime can satisfy that need.

TOAL SCORE:4(out of 5) Not a bad way to learn about the 3 kingdoms in "Rival Schools" form. All of the Chinese warriors have all become Japanese. Ikkitousen does what Mouse and Raimuiro Senkitan couldn't do!

Publisher: MI
Discs: 3
Episodes: 13
Price: $30.00

Reviewer: DevilManLady
Reviewed On: 12/06/2003
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Good clean menu screen, love it

Your never too old or grown up to get a beating from mama!

What secrets lies in this stone?...NOTHING

"Shall we have a taste of this sweet lil pie?"

This is the face of a girl who's lost her mind!

Lots of panty shots........LOTS of them....

Every now and then that sign pops up...

I hate it when people walk all over me too.....

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