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Jin-Roh Perfect: Special Edition [MAC]$10.00 
Set in an alternate history of Japan, Constable Fuse is part of an elite Special Forces unit known as the Capital Police whose mission is to maintain peace during a time of civil unrest. Entangled within a web of intrigue and politics between the Cap . . .
User Rating: Average Rating: 8.67 

Jinki: Extend Perfect [MAC] ANIMEniacs Recommends This Product$10.00 
Aoba is a young girl who loves to build models of robots. She lived alone with her grandmother until her grandmother passes away. Shortly after she is kidnapped and brought to a secret base where she discovers a huge robot. The piloted robots fight a . . .

Jubei-chan 1+2 Perfect TV (1 - 26) [FX]$15.00 
Yagyu Jubei was Japan's greatest swordsman. His skill was legendary; his name whispered reverently by all the other warriors of Japan. ut the one enemy he couldn't conquer was death..

Before he died, though, he gave his disciple hope. There . . .

Judge Perfect OVA [MAC]$5.00 
Hoichiro Ohma works in an office. Everybody knows him as a silent, humble man and even his girlfriend, Nanase, doesn't suspect, that he could be something more. But he is. When a person dies as a victim of murder, kills himself with a curse on his li . . .

Jungle De Ikou! Perfect [MAC]$5.00 
Natsumi, an ordinary schoolgirl, has her life turned upside down when her archaeologist father gives her a statue that is actually the seal of Ongo, a demonic beast who promises to walk the earth if his statue is ever disrupted. Fortunately, Natsumi` . . .
User Rating: Average Rating: 7.00 

Jyu Oh Sei Perfect TV (1 - 11) [FX]$10.00 
Thor and his twin brother, Rai, are cast off to a forsaken planet by unknown masked men after witnessing the suspicious death of their parents. Given only a beam knife and a smelly satchel, they wander together in search of civilization on the primar . . .

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Jade Warrior [EZD]$4.00 
Inspired by the Finnish epic The Kalevala, the story opens with a down-on-his luck novice blacksmith name Kai whose girlfriend, Ronja, leaves him. Ronja tries to dispose of his collection of Asian artifacts and what appears to be an urn full of ashes . . .

Ju-on the Collection [EZD]$12.00 
This 3 box set contains Ju-On the Grudeg 1 and 2 and the TV series.

Ju-On the Grudge [EZD] (Out of Stock)$4.00 

Ju-ON TV Movies 1 & 2 [EZD]$4.00 

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